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    Another prefix meaning "not" or "the opposite of" is in-.
    However the spelling of this prefix often changes to
    match the first letter of the base word. This sometimes
    results in a double letter.
    So, if we want to say the opposite of legal we say
    "illegal" instead of "inlegal" (which would be awkward
    to get your tongue around!).
             The pattern is like this:
    *Use il- before words starting with l
    So not legible = illegible. 
    *Use ir- before words starting with r
    So not relevant = irrelevant 
    *Use im- before words starting with m but also in front 
    of words starting with p
    So:    not mature = immature     not perfect = imperfect.

    1. Here's the table from prefix 3 worksheet with the answers:
    not literate= illiterate not rational= irrational
    not mobile = immobile not proper = improper
    not legitimate = illegitimate  not regular= irregular
    not modest = immodest not personal = impersonal
    not mortal = immortal not responsible irresponsible
    not possible = impossible not logical = illogical
    Use in- before any other letter. So: 
    not adequate = inadequate           not capable   = incapable 
    not decent    = indecent              not offensive = inoffensive  

    2. Now go back to Prefix 3 and memorize the focus words.

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